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Primary Agriculture Co-opearative Society(PACS)

PACS is a village-level co-operative organization that assists farmers with finance for various agricultural and farming operations by providing agricultural, short-term, and medium-term loan requirements to its members, with a concentration on gram panchayat and village level farmers.

Employee Credit Co-operative Society

Employee Credit co-operative society is one that aids and maintains the individuals of any organization or society inside that organization or society. The fundamental goal of this cooperative is for the members to be self-satisfied and self-sufficient. The employee credit cooperative Society relies on economical shares and savings plans to help individuals thrive.

Producer Co-operative Society

Farmers, manufacturers, and small enterprises are the natural operators of producers' cooperative. Farmers and producers form cooperatives to process and market their products, as well as to receive loans, equipment, and other production supplies. Producers' Cooperative Society's Objectives.

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TTGLOBALIT offers a comprehensive centralized solution for credit co-operative societies, built using state of the art technologies. It empowers credit co-operative societies to manage customer relationships. create and roll out innovative products quickly, control operations centrally, provide intuitive user interface to perform daily operations with ease. The open architecture of the Solutions adds flexibility to customize while keeping the core pressing components unchanged. This is a highly secure centralized 365 X 24 web-based solution which has been highly parametrized to create differentiated banking products. It has evolved in Cooperative Bank environment; work flow familiar to Cooperative Banks and has low total cost of ownership (Hardware, Operating system, Database Independence), built using industry standard open-source technology.

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